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In this section we publish travel stories. All persons interested can send us their stories and see their works in the Internet. Among other things we are going to publish here such works of Avalon HGS members, which are not connected with expeditionary projects of the Society. Here for the convenience we also place the links to the stories, which are the results of our expeditions.

'On This Side of Pyandj'
(author - Vitaliy Shuptar, countries - Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan)

'The Time of Jolly Missions or Combining Business and Pleasure'
(author - Vitaliy Shuptar, country - Kazakhstan)

'One million steps for the three of us'
(author - Vitaliy Shuptar, countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan)

'The land of nonrandom meetings, or Ringed by Annapurna'
(author - Vitaliy Shuptar, countries - Nepal, India)

'All winds blow to Kashgar'
(author - Vitaliy Shuptar, countries - China, Kyrgyzstan)

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